Bring you message with just a few clicks into a Video.

Videos are from the earliest days the easiest and most popular way of Entertainment and Communication. Bring the message into a video with just a few clicks and in a couple of minutes. Studies have shown that videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text so you can really give your customer a lot of information in just a short while.



Make your customer to a superstar. Upload your product video and set cut-in points. With the cut-in points you enable your users to combine his video sequence with your video. So let the user incorporate his personal touch into your video and watch the share skyrockets.

Ideal for product marketing, concerts, events, events



Create your video message on the fly with our MultiScenes tool. Use existing elements or upload your own video scenes. Within a few minutes, the required elements such as the logo, the background sound, the scenes and images are combined with the text elements and delivered to the recipient.

Ideal for confirmations, meetings, personal addresses



Weddings, events, special days, petitions or just to reach other people with your message. With the FollowME mode you can add an opinion or just a greeting to other people on your message. To create a special video with many opinions.

Ideal for weddings, birthdays, petitions, personal addresses



Bring your user to different places. Place our Green Box and let the user create a video with his mobile. He can select between several default or your uploaded virtual backgrounds.

Ideal for events and promotions


Manage your videos

Managing your videos easily through your account. Depending on your product selection, you'll get your own channel in your appearance and a admin and several manager access to manage your videos. You can use existing video, background sound, many images or upload your own assets and evaluate how often the video was used or shared.

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