speed up your workflow  

With Queue Scan we minimize the everlasting waiting times at checkpoints, front desks, having repeated forms and registration processes whether in airports, transit terminals and hotels. 

Otela uses customer data that is already stored in databases of participating companies as well as data stored in our database to speed up your workflow resulting in significant work efficiency. In comparison to an experienced specialist with a conventional system, a less experienced assistant using our superior system can execute the handlings at the airport in almost half of the estimated completion time normally required. In addition, our special marketing procedures reduce the risk of losing potential customers to your competitors and enhance your sales of additional services. All these crucial aspects were realized by our motivation to create a system that makes communication easier between service providers and customers.

Our solutions ensure that you stay in touch with your customers. We provide you with high performance in accessibility and sustained connectivity that allow constant optimized dialogues between DMCs, tour operators, hotels and the guests. Not only will it optimize your time management, but also increase your revenues from additional services and reduces your costs at the same time. Waiting times will diminish and the check-in at the airport and in the hotel will accelerate.