Who we are?
otela is a part of Tasbasi Group and based in Kiel, Germany. It was founded 1972 and is in the travel business ever since. Customers can book their holidays through our online-booking system or in one of our agencys. We are currently working directly with more than 650 travel agencies and the number will, at least, double in the next year.
Why we need the guest registration cards from your hotel?
In the most hotels the guest has to fill out some kind of form for his registration at his arrival. Our purpose is, to safe the customer the time to fill out these documents. Because of that we are going to add your guest-registration-form to the other travel documents. If your form is in our data base your hotel will be highlighted with "easy check-in" in our systems.
Why we need more details about your Hotel?
We’ll update our data base to give our costumer more information about your hotel.
How do you get the reservations?
We’ll update our data base to give our costumer more information about your hotel.
We don´t give personal data of our guests to you!
That´s great! We don´t want the personal data of anybody. We just need you registration-/check-in form so that we can hand it to the customer. The customer fills the form with the data, he needs to give you at your hotel, and that he already gave to us during the bookin. If a customer want´s us to fill out the form for him, we will do it.
We already work with a tour operator exclusively/ severall tour operators!
We know that. We are promoting and selling these operators online and offline. Therefore we want the customer to have the best service he can get at your hotel. Thats why we need these registration-cards. To make the check-in easier to the guests.
What does that cost me? How are the rates?
It is completely free for you. It takes you 5min of your time to send us the data and it takes us 5min to put them in our system. Thats the only costs anyone will have. The service is free to customers and free to you. We just want to increase the level of service we can offer.
What do i gain from that?
You will be highlighted in our system with "easy check-in". You are also in the first row to participate in new systems we develop in the future.
What does TasbasReisen gain from that?
We can offer a better service to our/your customers. The more hotels we can offer as "easy check-in" the better we will be recognized.
How can I reach out to otela?
You can visit our website:  http://www.tasbasi.de/  or you can simply answer this email. Please understand that it is not possible for us at the moment to take all of the hundreds of calls we receive every day because of this new system.
When do you launch the system?

he moment we receive all the required data we beginn to implement them into the system. You´ll get a username and a password to our database until the end of the year. With your username and your password you can edit your entry in our database. You will be able to upload more photos or videos, to edit the texts and much more. You´ll get presented the way you want to get presented.