Online Check-in Service

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Use Online Ceck-in for the entire journey.

The new way to travel

You can Check-in about 380,000 Hotels around the world and reduce the waiting time and bypass the manual Check-In process at the hotel.

Enjoy the easiness!

Paxcloud allows your guests to provide their essential information (like Passport numbers etc.) beforehand or while still being transferred to their hotels. While your guests are still at the airport or on their way to the hotel, all the historical information will be scanned and can be seen shortly thereafter directly on screen displays of the reserved hotels. This will enable the hotel desk to plan beforehand and make necessary preparations. Accordingly, receptionists at the hotel will also have the possibility to scan the generated Barcode and print out the registration forms of the guests with just one click, which eliminates unnecessary expenses and relieves your guests of bothersome interruptions to their enjoyable holiday. With Paxcloud you will save your guests an average waiting time of more than 80 %.

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